FXCoin – sponsor of the biggest Russian rap show RBL
[Russian Battle League]
FX Coin – is a simple
and a secure mobile apps to buy and send bitcoin in 1 click.

Confirmed by experts!
FX Coin – Winner of the Innovation
«Time 2017 Award»
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Successful security audit passed by leading international company
Highest security
How useful
a mobile app FX Coin for you?
Buying bitcoin
in 15 seconds, anonymously, with the protection of your payment data
Buy bitcoin
Bitcoin transfers
by phone number or e-mail in 2 seconds, also between FXCoin wallets
Convert Bitcoin
Warning about scams
If you are going to send your funds to a fraudulent bitcoin address – we will warn you about it
Coming soon in the app
FX coin Pitch deck
Top-up in terminals
You have the opportunity to replenish FXCoin balance at 140,000 recharge points throughout Russia!
Top-up in terminals
Sell Bitcoin
A convenient way to sell your cryptocurrency with payment to the card in a few seconds! Near-zero Commission
In development
Credit in Fiat
(ruble, $, €) for 30 seconds on the security of cryptocurrency.
You can repay % of the loan with bitcoins or a credit card
In development
Instant payments in rubles
We will link the VISA card to your bitcoin account. Make contactless NFC payments in retail networks
Coming soon in the app
One click exchange
Now you have the opportunity to trade on a full-fledged exchange without special experience!. Just two buttons
More detailed
Your suggestion?...
Describe what kind of functionality you want to see in a mobile wallet FXCoin. We will definitely listen to your wishes.
Transaction security and anonymity

Our team does everything to ensure that the payment service FX Coin was flawless as a Stealth fighter. Purchase and transfer of cryptocurrencies - in a matter of seconds. The interface of the mobile application is intuitive, you do not have to spend time studying it.

Your bitcoin wallet is as invisible as an F-117. No one will know where" flew "or where" flew " bitcoins from. The anonymous registration algorithm and the built-in TOR channel will hide you from prying eyes.

Why in just 6 months the number of FX Coin users increased to 125,000?
Quickly. Simply. Safety.
velocity of enrollment
  • 2 seconds – send payments.
  • Just 1 second – and bitcoins become available for spending after purchase. The transaction sent falls into the very first block found.
Buying bitcoin is easier,
than calling a taxi
  • It is clear even to a beginner. Simple Russian interface. Only 2 buttons.
  • Without complex intermediary services.
    You no longer need to use exchanges, banks and other complex services to buy bitcoin.
and anonymous
  • Where and how many bitcoins you sent, no one except you and the recipient is unknown
  • 3DS transaction. Reliable protection of Bank transactions.
  • Anti-fraud-protection of customer and payment data.
  • Anonymity. Built-in bitcoin mixer, developed by leading cryptography experts with knowledge of the internal structure of the Bitcoin Protocol
  • Free application. Available on Apple and Android platforms.
  • Referral program for the most active
  • 0,00005 BTC of a fee (~20 rubles) when sending bitcoin, 0.001 LTC (~3 ruble) when sending litecoin.
  • With such speed of transfers and security level, it is the lowest Commission among mobile applications.
Create a full mobile Bank
All available funds we invest in the development of mobile applications, security and speed of payments, exchange operations.
Highest quality of implementation
We spent 7,000 man-hours of programming to create FX Coin. And we will spend as much as it takes to meet all your needs in mobile banking on modern blockchain technology.
Быстрая техподдержка
Наши специалисты всегда оперативно отвечают на любые ваши вопросы прямо в окне приложения.
Возможность выбора уровня анонимности
Предусмотрены варианты регистрации с раскрытием личной информации, например, при активации аккаунта через facebook, так и без неё. Вы сами решаете, какой уровень анонимности выбрать.
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