Handbook « Fx Coin – Купить Биткоин с Qiwi быстро
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Always lay 0.0001 BTC and 0.001 LTC plus the amount of replenishment! It will need to output. In the menu “Deposit” the desired amount of bitcoin in the line “Will be enrolled (BTC)” add 0,0001 BTC (0,001 LTC) or increase the amount of the purchase 30-40 rubles! Always take a small stock, the change will remain in your wallet. If you scan the QR code, you do not need to change the amount of output! Specify the amount of withdrawal manually? Enter exactly the required amount in cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin addresses start with 3 and 1. Litecoin addresses start with L, M and 3. Accordingly, addresses for 3 can "fit" for another currency. If you mix up the addresses starting with 3 and substitute the address from one cryptocurrency to send another, then YOUR COINS will GO NOWHERE!!!

We don’t have telegram bots! Do not change your money in them, they are scammers!
We don’t have and didn’t have bots in the telegram offering exchange services. If you see a bot with our logo – it’s 100% scammers. Don’t give them your money! Better let us know what you find.

Remember! Sent via FXCoin cryptocurrency ALWAYS reach the recipient’s address. See «Section 3» in order to independently check at what point in time you sent the bitcoins reached the recipient, even if you claim that you have not received your payment. You can also do this by simply clicking on the transaction in the history. After 2 confirmations have passed, such a click will lead to the site of the block browser, specifically to the page of your transaction.
Blockchain can’t be fooled, the browser blocks the conclusive proof delivered cryptocurrency!

Limits on operations
Minimum amount :
~ 11 rubles

Maximum amount :

75 000 rubles
by the card at a time
150 000 rubles
by card per day
600 000 rubles
by card per month


Minimum withdrawal amount: 0.00001 BTC and 0.001 LTC
Maximum withdrawal amount: unlimited

How to Deposit with Qiwi
and other ways of replenishment

Qiwi Visa Card: (QVC)

Detailed instructions on how to buy through Qiwi. In some cases, the Kiwi takes a Commission of 2% + 50 rubles, so make sure that the balance of the kiwi wallet has the necessary amount. For example, for the purchase of 4000 rubles to the QIWI wallet must be 4130 rubles. We were able to make sure that the purchase on the card QVC to 2000 rubles Kiwi did not take anything from above.

If you try to buy a few times with a shortage of funds – the card will no longer work! In case of blocking, reissue the Qiwi card.

The name and last name you specify CARD HOLDER

See the coolest video instruction,
how to replanish with kiwi!

Other methods:

Debit Card of the Russian Federation

Buy cryptocurrency at the moment, you can only use the card, there are no other ways. Cards of Russian banks consisting of 16 digits, VISA, WORLD and MasterCard are supported. Obligatory 3DS (3D secure). Cards with 18 digits and corporate cards (linked to the account of a legal entity) are not currently supported. Service corporate cards in the near future will connect.

External transfer

The balance can be replenished by an external transfer from another cryptocurrency address. You will see the address for replenishment when you select the appropriate option in the “Recharge” menu. Please note that outgoing transfers of cryptocurrency from you will not go from this address, but always from different ones.

Pay Travel Terminals

To replenish cash through the terminal, you need to open the terminal map using the link in the application and search for the nearest one. In the terminal you need to find the tab “Repayment of loans and credits”, and in it to find the microcredit company “Coffer”. It willnot be among the suggested options, however, it can be found by searching. Next, you need to enter the contract number – it is displayed in the application when you select the “Top up” option, and then “Pay Travel Terminal” in the corresponding currency tab. Enter the replenishment amount and deposit cash.

Can I withdraw bitcoin to RUB on the card or Qiwi via FXCoin?

It is impossible yet, but we will make it possible in case of demand for the service. Write in the Telegram about your wishes and requests @FXCOIN_manager.

how long to wait confirmations?

Способы отправки:


Чтобы совершить отправку на криптовалютный адрес выбирайте соответствующую опцию в меню отправки. В блокчейн Ваш вывод попадёт не позднее, чем через 3 минуты после отправки. Сам перевод обычно идёт до конечного получателя от 5 до 30 минут. Комиссия на вывод присутствует и составляет 0,0001 BTC и 0,001 LTC. По текущему курсу это около 25 рублей в Bitcoin, около 3 рублей в Litecoin.

Электронная почта и номер телефона

Для того, чтобы отправить любые монеты, поддерживаемые приложением FX Coin, следует использовать номер телефона или e-mail адрес пользователя, кому вы делаете перевод.

Даже если у получателя не установлено приложение FX Coin, он все равно может воспользоваться отправленными ему монетами, просто установив приложение по инструкции, содержащейся в письме или смс, которые он получит. Пока он этого не сделал, такую транзакцию можно отменить, в отличии от всех остальных видов отправок.

How to see the details of the output (transaction) in the blockchain? Especially if you claim that you have not received Your payment?

The transaction you sent is displayed in the transaction history in the application, where you can see how many confirmations it has. After there are 2 or more confirmations, you can click on the transaction and view its details in the block browser.

Даже если у получателя не установлено приложение FX Coin, он все равно может воспользоваться отправленными ему монетами, просто установив приложение по инструкции, содержащейся в письме или смс, которые он получит. Пока он этого не сделал, такую транзакцию можно отменить, в отличии от всех остальных видов отправок.

To manually view the status of Your transaction in the Bitcoin network, type in on the website https://blockchain.com/explorer Bitcoin address to which You have made translation. The address entry area is at the top right. Insert the address, press enter and see your transaction. As soon as the transaction will have “1 confirmation” or more-Your transfer is fully executed.

Visual aid follows in the screenshots below:
In the field, insert the address where the bitcoins was sent and press " Go»
It can be seen that Your transaction (withdrawal) is already in the Bitcoin blockchain network
If in blockchain You see only red buttons at the address specified by You-the transfer is EXECUTED
If the bitcoin transfer does not come for a long time, do not rush to blame us. Visit the website https://blockchain.info and scroll down where you can see how many minutes ago was found last block. If several blocks in a row were found very quickly, the next confirmation can take up to 40 minutes or more. Try to use Litecoin in your transfers – these coins come much faster
To manually track litecoin transactions, use one of several block browsers for this network. For example http://explorer.litecoin.net At the top of the website enter in the address where you sent the money.
Then click Search and get to the page with all transactions that came to this address
The Commission for the purchase of bitcoin in FXCoin:

There is no Commission to buy cryptocurrency. There is an exchange rate of rubles for cryptocurrency. Changes every 10 minutes, based on the exchange rate.

The Commission for replenishment via Qiwi Visa Card (QVC)

In some cases, Kiwi can take a Commission of 2% from above + 50 rubles. In some cases, Kiwi can take a Commission of 2% from above + 50 rubles.

Commission for withdrawal via bitcoin FXCoin:

The Commission for withdrawal is present, a fixed number: 0.0001 BTC, which at the current rate is about 25 rubles.

Will be written off from the purse, add it to the amount of the transfer is not necessary.

The Commission for sending LiteCoin is 0.001 LTC, which at the current rate is about 3 rubles.

Wallet Top-Up Errors
Errors 56065,56096

Try to make a purchase again

Errors 56014, 90058, 920006, 920056, 920302, 92032

Change the card to another, this does not fit

Errors 56051,90052

Insufficient funds on the card

Error 90097

CVV code entered incorrectly, be careful

Error 100070

The reason is for using an unstable VPN. The IP address during the purchase process must not change from the beginning to the end of the purchase.

Also make sure you have a sufficient balance on the card, especially if you take a kiwi card, the latter can take a Commission of 2% of the payment amount + 50 rubles.
Questions about the application
Questions about the application

Click on the “Menu” button (in the form of three bars at the top left of the application screen) and see the transaction history. The transaction history lists all the transfers you made.

Is it safe to enter my card details?

Only you and the bank can see the full details of your card. The payment solution used in the FX Coin application is certified according to the PCI DSS security standard, which means complete data privacy and a guarantee against access to any third parties.

Can the QR code scanner make a mistake?

No, it can’t. For your own confidence, check the scanned Bitcoin address with the address that is displayed under the QR code.

Sometimes there are cases when users scan everything, and then look for their bitcoins. Be careful!

Cancel transactions
How can I cancel a transaction?

Transactions on the Bitcoin or Litecoin network are irreversible. With all the desire they can not be canceled purely technically-this is the Protocol.

I sent it to the wrong wallet, what should I do?

There’s nothing to be done. Sent bitcoin or litecoin forever goes to the address you specified.

Application does not start
The app requires at least an iPhone 5,
Android 5.0 and above.
We are preparing a version for tablets in late August.
There is no web version and will not be.
If your phone meets the requirements, write the technical support in the Telegram: @FXCOINsupport
on a dummy e-mail

Possible. Just keep in mind that:

If you forget your password,
the funds that remained
on a wallet, never will
be returned

If you contact the technical support through the menu in the application “write to us”then specify the email address to which you want to receive an answer, otherwise we will not be able to answer You via mail! Be careful!

Stock exchange


For sellers, there is no commission at all.
Withdrawal to 1 card is limited to 150,000 rubles at a time and 600,000 rubles per month.
Then just use another card

Commission for deposit in rubles  4.7%.
All trade – no commissions

Watch the latest video instruction,
how to use the exchange



If you need to buy bitcoin, for example, for 5000 rubles, then it is not necessary to look for an order of the appropriate size.
Redeem the cheapest orders at the top of the list until you reach the required amount. You can redeem as an unlimited number of small bids, and part of one large bids.


When setting the price for your bitcoins, consider the price that is currently available in the application through the “Refill” button.
If you want to sell your bit faster, then do not put the same or higher. After all, buyers still have to pay 4.7% for putting rubles on the exchange.
It will be easier and cheaper for them to buy a bit from us.
That is, put at least 4.7% less to sell faster. Under normal conditions, this will turn out approximately at the world rate.
Otherwise, be patient and expect the course to rise.